Thermal Spray

Colonial Coatings is a leader in Aerospace and Commercial Thermal spray application.

Utilizing over 30 years of Thermal Spray experience and state of the art technology, Colonial Coatings can provide you with a wide range of coating solutions.

  • Plasma Spray
  • Flame Spray
  • Wire Arc

Our Thermal Spray processes are always supported by our in house experts in the following areas.

  • Proprietary precision masking techniques and advanced masking materials allow us to coat the most intricate of detailed surfaces. We push the boundaries of substrate possibilities.
  • With our variety of abrasive blasting options no substrate is too large or too small. Whether you require Aluminum oxide, Plastic media or Glass bead our experts can prepare your surface to exact specification.
  • On-site laboratory facilities provide precise metallurgical evaluations (Hardness, Conductivity and Porosity Testing). Our Lab also offers R&D of proprietary coatings, improved spraying applications and related statistical analysis.
  • Our experienced Quality- Assurance staff oversees entire process while working closely with our customers to meet their coating and quality requirements. We can certify to NADCAP, FAA and EASA specifications.
  • In house engineering offers expedient and effective solutions to every job, whether it involves individual components or thousands of units. We develop our own tooling and fixtures. Cad cam assisted robotic programing assures a highly repeatable and effective coating process.

Colonial Coatings is committed to making smart decisions to protect the environment and manage our environmental impact responsibly. Through the meticulous use of dust collection systems we are able to send our waste streams to be recycled, preventing local environmental contamination.

Thermal Spray

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